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ESL Fuels Hydrocarbon Recovery Project

ESL Fuels have secured funding from the Catalyst for Growth programme.

Capital grants are available, subject to certain criteria being met, to assist companies to increase their productivity and capacity and/or undertake Research and Development to create new applications or prototypes. For example, investment in:

•   New premises, expansion or adaptation
•   Purchase of plant and machinery; Infrastructure
•   New technologies, systems and software
•   Associated training

Key objectives of the programme are to encourage:

•   Job creation
•   Safeguarding jobs
•   Private sector leverage and match funding

The Catalyst for Growth Fund is allowing us to refurbish 15 bulk storage tanks and add a distillation unit and filtration plant so that we can use ‘off spec’ oil from UK refineries to create new fuels.

For more information on the Catalyst for Growth Program. Click Here.

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